Welcome to my learning journey with the Open College of the Arts. I started with the college at the end of 2016 so have only taken the first few steps on the Creative Arts degree programme.

This webpage is my learning log for my art studies and is made up of two parts, my blog and my course.

My Blog is a random zone and is my diary and notebook, it is made up of ideas, notes, reflections, research, inspiration, influences, things I’ve read, watched on TV, seen, heard…

My Course is the formal part where my work is organised and hopefully easy to find for tutors and assessors. It includes my course work, assignments, tutor feedback and course reflection.

The first course I’m studying is Creative Arts Today made up of the following 5 modules, each with an assignment;
Contemporary Art
Creative Writing
Visual Communications

I’m trying to keep an open mind about which courses I’ll study next as part of the Creative Arts degree but at the moment I think it will be illustration and painting.